What to Expect

At every concert you and your child will hear a range of music from 1600s through to 20th century. Short introductions will encourage you and your kids to take part in the musical story. Prepare to march, dance, clap, float or just relax to the unfolding narrative. Although the informal atmosphere will lead you to doing what is more comfortable for you. Throughout the year you will hear performances on the piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet and others. Your children will be able to get close to the instruments and see and hear how they work and sound! We will start and finish each 40 minute concert with the buzzing flight of the little bumble bees and enjoy singing a few nursery rhymes towards the end.

Music & Your Child

Music is a form of communication babies register even in the womb. Early introduction to music is not only fun, but helps learning and has life long benefits. Passive listening is important but being able to see the performer, use the imagination and actively participate in the musical story has much bigger impact on kid’s life helping them to create more neural connections in their brain. Being able to keep steady beat and make coordinated movements – these are the skills, which are so essential in math and reading later on. Another undeniable benefit to music is that it can be a source of comfort and soothe the child. Going to regular live concerts provides your child with emotional and intellectual stimulation that they can enjoy throughout their life.